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Biological Assessments

Many projects require a thorough assessment of site conditions early in the life of the project, in support of project design, permit applications, siting analysis, grant funding, or to document existing ecological conditions on a newly purchased property. Coldwater staff includes scientists with extensive environmental training and experience, including two certified Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS), a Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner (CERP), a Level 3 QHEI Ohio EPA Qualified Data Collector (QDC), trained wetland delineators, two certified drone pilots, and a licensed herbicide applicator.

Our scientists are experienced with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 1987 Wetland Delineation Manual and Regional Supplements, and other ecological site assessment methodologies. Training completed by Coldwater personnel includes the Ohio Rapid Assessment Method for Wetlands (ORAM), Vegetation Index of Biotic Integrity (VIBI), Qualitative Habitat Evaluation Index (QHEI), Headwater Habitat Evaluation Index (HHEI), Wildland Hydrology/Rosgen Stream Restoration training, plant identification, and invasive species risk assessment. Coldwater is prequalified with ODOT for Ecological Surveys, Stream and Wetland Mitigation, and Waterway Permits.

In addition to general ecological site assessments, we can also provide the following services:

  • Wetland Delineation and Assessments, including ORAM and VIBI
  • Stream Habitat Assessments, including QHEI and HHEI
  • Stream Geomorphic Assessments
  • Lake and Estuary Assessments, including LakeQHEI
  • Threatened and Endangered Species Habitat Assessments and Running Buffalo Clover Surveys
  • Wildlife Inventories Including Eagle Nest Surveys
  • Vegetation Inventories
  • Invasive Species Surveys and Management Plans
  • Remote Aerial (Drone) Surveys
  • GPS and GIS Mapping