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Stream Restoration

We strive for the development of a successful, sustainable solution through all phases of the project.  We understand the value of an interdisciplinary team, the importance of positive relationships between clients and contractors, and the impact of a consulting firm taking true ownership of a project.

We take an adaptive approach to design and implementation of restoration projects, building flexibility into design and construction aspects of the project.  This eliminates over-design, allows for field adjustments that are often necessary during restoration, and promotes collaboration.  Our engineers and scientists have used this approach to help clients restore over 40 miles of streams. 

Our stream restoration service offerings include:

  • Site Assessment and Geomorphology
  • Habitat Assessment
  • Invasive Species Assessment and Removal
  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analyses
  • Natural Channel Design
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Bidding Services
  • Construction Administration and Oversight
  • Pre- and Post-Construction Monitoring
  • Design/Build

Common considerations for stream restoration projects include causes of degradation, vertical and lateral erosion rates, geomorphology, physical site constraints, permitting limitations, future watershed conditions, risk tolerance, and budget. Our scientists and engineers understand how to work with our clients to meet their goals and have practiced stream restoration in nearly all ecosystem types from small headwater streams to large rivers.


Virtual tour of Hellbranch Meadows Stream and Wetland Restoration Project (Franklin SWCD)

Virtual tour of Lower Black River Restoration (City of Lorain, Ohio)

Drone Footage of Coldwater Stream Restoration Projects

Common Design Elements

Floodplain Connection
Improved Sinuosity
Riffle-Pool Development
Grade Control
Cross Vanes and J-Hook Vanes
Riparian Buffers

Natural Bank Stabilization
Bioengineering Techniques
Erosion Control Measures
Infrastructure Protection

Coarse Woody Debris
Fish Habitat Shelves
In-Stream Structure
Rootwad Revetments
Native Plantings
Invasive Species Control