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Ecological Assessment Projects


Ecological Assessment Project

Northeast Ohio
Coldwater has documented several rare plant, bird, and wildlife species at the site
Coldwater is assessing the quality of exisiting habitat and wildlife use at the site and the natural recovery process
Tiger beetles were identified by Coldwater at several locations within the site; this specimen is one of nearly 30 six-spotted tiger beetles (Cicindela sexguttata) observed

Coldwater is assisting with various surveys to document the ecological conditions and natural recovery process on a former industrial property in northeast Ohio. The overall objective of this project is to develop a restoration plan for the site, which may include wetland restoration, prairie and pollinator species habitat, re-forestation, invasive species control, and siting of nesting structures and recreational paths. Through these surveys, Coldwater has documented several rare plant, bird, and wildlife species at the site.

Field surveys include qualitative assessments of the vegetation and wildlife communities and documentation of non-native and invasive species. Sampling plots have been sited to capture all vegetation communities present at the site which include herbaceous, scrub/shrub, and successional forest habitats.

Coldwater is completing lepidopteran surveys to determine species richness of butterflies, moths, and skippers at the site. These surveys are focused in areas where pollinator host plants (e.g., milkweed) are present and will inform enhancement and expansion of pollinator habitats on the site. Coldwater is also conducting surveys for tiger beetles and has confirmed their presence at multiple locations. Tiger beetles are sensitive to environmental changes and are among the first to react to pollutants and habitat degradation. They are considered bioindicators, as their presence and diversity will often coincide with the diversity and abundance of birds, butterflies, and other wildlife.

Point count surveys have been completed during spring, summer, and fall to document the presence of breeding and migratory birds. Nearly 100 bird species have been documented on the site, including several rare species. Coldwater is also performing evening surveys for frogs and toads at several locations and has confirmed that amphibian breeding is occurring at the site.


Vegetation Assessments
Wildlife Surveys
Endangered Species Habitat Surveys
Drone Flights

Avian, Amphibian, Lepidopteran, and Tiger Beetle Surveys
Raptor Nest Survey
GPS/GIS Mapping