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Sediment Management

Harbor cites, port authorities, lake managers, and responsible parties are annually confronted with balancing dredging fine-grained sediments, financial and seasonal restrictions, and anti-degradation water quality provisions. Coldwater brings decades of first-hand experience planning, designing, and implementing ecologically resilient, functional, and cost-conscious sediment management solutions. Our staff has characterized, permitted, and dredged over 30 million cubic yards of sediments (mechanically or hydraulically) along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, Great Lakes, inland rivers and waterways, and in drinking water reservoirs. We’ve beneficially reused dredged material in stream restoration, marsh restoration, and uplands.

We fulfill a niche that, if ignored, can result in cost overruns and project failure. Our sediment management service offerings include:

    • Sediment Characterization, Management, and Habitat-Restorative Capping
    • Dredging and Dredged Material Management with Upland, Nearshore Slurry Dewatering and Beneficial Reuse as:
      • Wetland and Stream Restoration Material
      • Construction Material and Engineered Fill
      • Thin-Layer Placement
    • Environmental Permitting

Dredge operating in the Black River, Lorain, Ohio