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Sediments, Coastal & Brownfield Restoration

Coldwater staff bring decades of hands-on experience planning, designing, and implementing ecological, functional, and cost-conscious restorations.  Whether it is a river, harbor, lake, reservoir, stream, or tidal estuary, we have applied our knowledge, skills, and abilities to restore legacy brownfields, repair eroded shorelines, protect pipelines & intakes, and build wetlands, marshes, streams and habitats.  We regularly work with State agencies, cities, counties, Responsible Parties, and NGOs delivering quality, innovation, and resiliency. 

Our three guiding principles are:

  • Build with nature achieving decreased long-term costs, increased agency approvals, and supportive communities
  • Embody innovation
  • Deliver safely and with quality

Whether a Great Lakes Area of Concern contributing source, a Federal navigation channel, a marina, a subsiding wetland or marsh, a regulated contaminated site or legacy brownfield, an eroding shoreline, or a head-cutting stream, our work epitomizes working with nature, incorporating habitat and resource reuse.  Our multi-disciplinary team of engineers and scientists bring project experience spanning Atlantic and Gulf coasts, Great Lakes, inland rivers and waterways, drinking water reservoirs, contaminated streams and wetlands, and fish habitats.

We fulfill a niche that others often discount inducing cost overruns and project failure.  Amongst our offerings, we provide:

  • Dredging and Dredged Material Management including upland, nearshore, slurry dewatering, and beneficial reuse as
    • Marsh, wetland & stream restoration
    • Construction material & engineered fill
    • Thin-layer placement 
  • Sediment characterization, management, and habitat-restorative capping
  • Post-remediation habitat and residual contaminant isolation & treatment at Brownfields
  • Shoreline stabilization incorporating hardened and living shoreline features
  • Fish habitat and floodplain restoration
  • Waterfront and water-dependent civil design
  • Unique environmental permitting

Learn more about our credentials and capabilities in Service Profile - Sediments, Coastal & Brownfield Restoration

Read more about selected project examples at the links below.  Contact us for even more project histories and to have your vision become an installed project.

Innovating Dredged Material Dewatering - GeoPool Pilot Study, Black River Dredged Material Reuse Facility
Green Bulkhead / Fish Habitat Supporting Marina Revitalization
Lower Black River Remediation and Restoration
Black River Landing Streambank Stabilization and Restoration
Heron Rookery Habitat Restoration


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