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Coldwater is still open, but mostly working from home.  Please send us an email if you need anything.

 When asked about what makes Coldwater their workplace of choice, employees offered the following:


“Most of our offices are dog-friendly, which helps pet-owners with dog care throughout the day, as well as creates a happier work environment."

“Coldwater is genuinely a “quality first" enterprise and never sacrifices the end product over profit."

“What makes Coldwater the workplace of choice is that it has the best chemistry among its employees working on projects that can actually make a difference within the community."

“We are encouraged to learn from and communicate with everyone in the company, including the owners."

“The owners care about and take care of their employees."

“Coldwater is a great place to work! I particularly enjoy the team driven approach to problem solving and project planning. Each team member has his/her own expertise and set of skills and the company culture is such that each team member’s contributions are valued and appreciated."



Coldwater’s Annual Winter Celebration


Coldwater kicked off the new year with our annual winter celebration, welcoming our employees and their families to join us for an evening of great food, conversation, and our annual white elephant gift-exchange. 


Tree Planting at Margaret Peak Nature Preserve


Lorain County hosted a tree planting event on October 12th at the Margaret Peak Nature Preserve restoration site. Kristen Risch, Chip Wendt, and Jackson Caruso from Coldwater joined the County and other volunteers to plant 400 trees for the restoration of the oak savanna habitat at the Preserve.  The project is part of the Black River Area of Concern restoration project funded by the USEPA through the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.  Stream and wetland restoration work was recently completed along Fortune Ditch within the Preserve, serving to decrease pollutant loading to the Black River, and increase biodiversity. 


Coldwater’s Annual Summer Outing


Coldwater hosted our annual summer outing at the Wilds, inviting employees and their families to spend the weekend at the Cabins at Straker Lake, tour wildlife on an open-air safari, go fishing on the private lake, and relax around a bonfire. 


Coldwater team members participated in the 2019 Great Lakes Areas of Concern Conference in Cleveland, Ohio.  This annual conference provides an opportunity for AOC program participants to share successes and challenges, review program developments, and strengthen connections between stakeholders, and local, state, tribal, and federal AOC participants.  Attendees Jackson Caruso, Kristen Risch, and Chip Wendt enjoyed an evening dinner cruise on the Cuyahoga River and Lake Erie, which showcased current work and progress in the region.  Chip Wendt served as a panelist for the Habitat Restoration Effectiveness session during the conference, sharing Coldwater’s work with the City of Lorain installing fish shelves on the Black River.  Coldwater has worked on restoration projects within the Black River AOC since 2010. 

Dinner cruise on Lake Erie

Black River AOC representatives



Aquatic Habitat Restoration Along the Black River Using Fish Shelves



Kate Golden, City of Lorain, and Chip Wendt, Coldwater Consulting, presented “Aquatic Habitat Restoration along the Black River Using Fish Shelves" at the 2019 Ohio Stormwater Conference on May 10th in Sharonville.  Modified and hardened shorelines along the Black River provide limited opportunities for habitat improvement, however improvements are possible with aquatic habitat structures, generally referred to as fish shelves.  Chip and Kate provided an overview of two methodologies employed in the Black River, designed and constructed to replicate littoral zone habitat features desirable to nearshore fish communities.  The presentation highlighted an innovative approach recently used to install fish habitat on a hardened/bulkheaded waterfront.  Design, construction, biological monitoring, and the applicability of these habitat structures along waterfront communities were discussed.  Baseline and post-construction biological monitoring of both the traditional and hybridized fish shelves that have been installed along the Black River indicate a positive impact on abundance and diversity.










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