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Grant Writing

At Coldwater, we specialize in helping clients acquire funding. Whether you are looking to fund ecological restoration, stormwater/green infrastructure, gray infrastructure or recreation, there are potential funding sources available.  Our staff has a history of successful grant writing, with over $15 million secured for clients in the last five years.  Funding is available from local, state and federal sources for a wide variety of projects.  With our grant writing experience, relationships with funding agencies and supporting services, we can help you take the right project from a vision to reality. 

Projects that are often good candidates for grant funding include:

Ecological Projects

  • Stream and wetland restoration
  • Water quality improvements
  • Land acquisition and preservation
  • Aquatic habitat restoration
  • Agricultural buffers and conservation easements
  • Invasive species removal

Stormwater/Green Infrastructure Projects

  • Detention ponds
  • Bioswales
  • Rain gardens
  • Rain barrels
  • Curb cuts

Gray Infrastructure

  • Flood hazard mitigation
  • Stormwater collection systems
  • Water/wastewater systems
  • Infrastructure protection against stream erosion

Recreation Projects

  • Boater access
  • Greenways
  • Water/bike trails


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